Slovak Women in Tech (SWiT) was established in 2022 as a response to the lack of space for and representation of Slovak women at technology conferences.

As Petra Kotuliaková, founder and director of Aj Ty v IT, explains: “We have a lot of stimulating IT events in Slovakia, but they lack women. That’s why we decided to create an event that will create a space for female talent, motivation, and mutual support. A space where women can excel.

The aim of the conference is to draw attention to the many Slovak female IT experts working in Slovakia or abroad and to regularly introduce them to a wider, even non-tech audience. At the same time, we would like to inspire other organisers who, by including women in their event programmes, can help us raise awareness of Slovak female professionals.

We believe that Slovak Women in Tech will become an event that will, alongside our educational activities, promote equal representation of both genders in IT. Our organization was established with the goal to create equal access to IT education for all girls and women. If we want technology to deliver solutions for a wide range of end-users, we need diverse teams, including women, to be involved in its development. And we want to talk to them too, to break down preconceptions and inspire them in an open forum like the conference undoubtedly is.” adds Petra Kotuliaková, Director of Aj Ty v IT

The conference programme is specially designed for women who are already working in IT as well as for those who are still thinking about it. It includes inspiring speeches, discussions, a presentation of the unique Women in IT survey, panel discussions, community meet-ups and direct meetings and conversations between women and employers.

Whether attendees are determined to make a career change or are just coming to learn about their possibilities, our conference will offer them the opportunity to gain important information and valuable contacts.


While the first edition was more in the spirit of celebrating the tenth anniversary, which was also reflected in the dramaturgy of the event, the 2023 edition offered an interesting programme as a full-day conference. It included presentations by female speakers, discussions with female speakers, a panel discussion, as well as a presentation of the results of the unique Women in IT survey. The rich programme was complemented by several workshops and meetups, a career hive and informal networking.

In 2022, the civic association You in IT celebrated its tenth anniversary. During this period, more than 30 thousand girls and women have passed through its activities and thanks to the experience and data we have gained, we decided to embark on a new project. For the first time we organized the Slovak Women in Tech 1.0 conference, where we introduced girls and women to information technology through a personal experience.

Women in IT Survey

Women in IT 2023 survey, where we monitor female employment potential in the IT sector, explore the main motivators and fears of working in IT, and find out what women know about IT and what they expect from working in IT.

The unique Women in IT survey was conducted for the first time in 2022 and its aim was to find out what is the current interest of Slovene women in information technology, where is the potential and what is the attitude towards a career in this sector. The survey is conducted online on a representative sample of the total population of Slovakia and the presentation of its results is a solid part of the conference programme.